Sunday, August 2, 2015

Should I Dive Into [Your Opinion Wanted]

When I think of the word rejoice, I think of actions like fist pumps, jumping in the air, dancing up and down and being really excited and happy.

Today in church we had an energetic and very happy message in Relief Society (our church meeting with just women 18 and older) about rejoicing in Jesus Christ. I LOVED this lesson. Part of me felt like I needed to hear the messages that were shared and feel the spirit that was present... which has got to be why baby Champlin hasn't arrived yet... (right?!).

The message was all about being happy, and taking the time to really think about the amazing blessings that we can obtain because of Jesus Christ and his gospel.

Which brings me to the main topic of this post....


Over the past two years I've been thinking on and off about starting a formal "blog" if you will... a website to share things that I love and a way for me to connect with the outside world and hopefully help strengthen others who are going through similar things as I am. It would be part business part personal. There's been so many random promptings I've had, or at least times where I think... "Hm, I should be talking about this and sharing this with those around me".

I want to inspire hope and help others find happiness. A while back I purchased the domain "" thinking that would be the URL I'd publish under. Part of me doesn't know why I haven't launched it yet (well... besides the fact I'm not done designing it and populating it with content), and part of me is wondering why the heck I'm even thinking about doing it. I feel kind of silly doing it. Like somehow I'm being too cliche or convincing myself it's a ridiculous idea and I shouldn't do it.

I haven't spoken to too many people about this idea of RLH ( But I guess if you're still reading this then maybe you'd be willing to share your opinion. Here's how I see it: I'd keep this blog, but *probably* make it private. The purpose of me keeping the two sites would be: purpose:

A place to share and record my personal thoughts and feelings (like an online journal) as well a place to share my thoughts/opinions on my religion/beliefs. (I am strongly considering going private on this blog for the security of my family/kids/sensitive thoughts/feelings/experiences I wouldn't want thrown to creepy online people). Will share 

  • Share spiritual thoughts, experiences, beliefs and opinions 
  • Share photos of my family, including my kids, in a private, non-Facebook, non-everyone in the world can see just the people I care out
  • Share links to my vlogs/YouTube videos that are personal/family related... ex: videos of Blakely, videos of me talking about random things I want to remember... (like that time I missed the MN drivers test by one question and made a 5 minute rant/video about it...) purpose:

To inspire other women, mothers, and young adults to be happy and enjoy life! While also talking about topics I love like handbags, entrepreneurship and organizing. A non-religious site (though when talking about some things like marriage/family I'm sure my beliefs would come through a bit). 
  • share my personal opinions and thoughts about a variety of topics including
    • family
    • marriage
    • personal/family finance
    • designer bags/diaper bags
    • marketing/design/branding
    • event planning
    • organizing
    • entrepreneurship
    • motherhood
    • how I dislike cooking (but do it anyways... sometimes... when I'm hungry)
    • being semi-minimalist... or headed that way
    • organizing
    • whatever else tickles my fancy
  • share YouTube videos of diaper bags/handbag reviews I've made 
  • share resources that I've found or created related to the topics i mentioned above 
    • (ex: share PDFs I've made for organizing family finances to website and articles I find helpful)
  • share my favorite products/fun things that I enjoy (like these beach towels with pockets that blew my mind I hadn't thought of this before... um sweet)
Thoughts? Should I do this? Am I totally lame? It's ok if you say yes.

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